This will Help you Unwind & Loosen up just like Red Wine

There are some very major differences between remedial and therapeutic. With the latter one, the purpose is relaxation, enhanced function and overall well being just like having a red wine. The massage focuses on muscles located deeper into the tissue and it is not uncommon to feel some slight discomfort during the manipulation. This type of treatment is great for unwinding after a long day, aiding in the sleep cycle, stress relief and to help promote good circulation.


relax with massage and wine
relax with a good body rub and wine



Remedial is a more specialised and highly focused set of techniques designed to reduce extreme pain and to help coach tight and knotted muscles into a state of relaxation. Chronic pain and specific muscle tensions as a result of sports or work related injuries are commonly treated by remedial. Unlike therapeutic where a large portion of the body, back, neck, shoulders and legs are treated in a slow, long and drawn out motion, remedial targets the specific muscles that are causing you soreness and focuses entirely on those.

Remedial therapy is designed for patients who have injured their muscles, soft tissue and ligaments and is not used for a day to day relaxation technique like therapeutic. The injuries that respond the best to this type of treatment are repetitive use injuries, such as carpel tunnel, neck and back tension, tendonitis, and sciatica. Cramps and spasms are coached to relax and the targeted areas, while they may remain sore for a few days, will see an overall benefit and will eventually show reduced pain.

When you discuss your pain with the therapist, you will be asked for a detailed medial and physical history to determine the type of injury you have. Unlike traditional therapeutic where all you need, under normal circumstances, is just an appointment, remedial is a highly skilled soft tissue manipulation technique that requires a great deal of training, knowledge and finesse to ease your muscles out of tension and to break the stress cycles in your body.

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These techniques, when used together with a properly researched treatment program, can see overall well being, reduced pain and a return to normal function for all walks of life. Both remedial pummelling and therapeutic are designed to combat stress and discomfort in the body, but the two techniques are used in entirely different scenarios and should not be confused for one another.


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