About Me

My name is Bailly. Throughout the previous 2 years, I become interested in healthy beverages of all of the types. I went for trips to random places specialising on health drinks or traditional drinks including vineyards. I enjoyed the drinks and wine of different kinds that was offered.

Most drinks have aromas and tastes really good. There were flavors of different fresh fruits that are unique to each beverage. Some of the drinks had a smooth feeling on the throat and some which you can just drink normally. Most of these places and vineyards are located back into the woods in old houses with free animals wandering all over the grounds. People living on these areas are very friendly. The drinks were all unique to that each and every one of them having their own distinct flavor.

A lot of the drinks were sweet, and yes as I have mentioned earlier, they have different fresh fruit inclinations and finishes than the normal standard drinks. I have since made several of these trips and plan on visiting more in the future. I find myself suggesting all these places specially vineyards to friends and families. I hope you will enjoy my website and share to me some of the places that you also have actually visited!